Global Gaming Expo Displays A Variety Of Products And Innovations This Year

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An additional number of NFL-themed slots were revealed at the yearly Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which took place in Las Vegas from October 9-12. Additionally, 25,000 global gaming operators and manufacturers came to the Las Vegas Strip just for this event to showcase their latest innovations and products and find new products to add to their casinos.

Various products displayed at the event:

As for Aristocrat Gaming, it officially debuted its portfolio of officially licensed machines on October 10, after introducing its first-ever NFL game in September 2023. At the event, the manufacturer showcased specific titles like Overtime Cash, NFL Kickoff, Super Bowl Jackpots, Rings of Victory, Super Bowl Link and Winning Drive, which provide personalized gameplay and bonus features and offer players the opportunity to select from 32 NFL teams.

Commenting on the aforementioned content the firm showcased at the Global Gaming Expo, Aristocrat CEO, Hector Fernandez, commented in a press release, according to the 3 News: “Our teams have worked diligently over the last few years to develop these games. The result is a lineup of games that match multiple player segments, bringing the excitement and energy of the NFL to new and existing slot players just in time for this year’s football season.”

Next up is Light & Wonder, has have been winning over audiences with its latest game featuring the Netflix hit “Squid Game.” The 75-inch screen shows the reels progressing through the various games featured in the show such as Green Light; Tug of War, Red Light and The Glass Tile. However, the game will be publicly launched in the 1Q or 2Q of next year.

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Then, there is International Game Technology (IGT), a multinational gambling company that manufactures slot machines and other gambling technology, which demonstrated its prowess in intellectual property-based gaming by revealing a Grammy reward-winning Whitney Houston-themed slot machine.

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Also, the said game is presented on a newest hardware with a 55-inch screen and includes the singer’s biggest hits. It will be publicly launched in the 2Q of next year. Commenting on the game, VP of Global Communications, Phil O’Shaughnessy, commented: “We did extensive research to note that the demographic for Whitney is really, really tied to the demographic for the slot player.”

New technologies:

Interblock, a Las Vegas-based leader in the creation and delivery of prizewinning electronic table games ( ETGs) products, has revealed its innovations in delivering a hybrid gaming experience with its latest “smart pit.” It represents a way to integrate into the live casino realm and the product includes nearly the same technology as the stadium setups. When simplified, the ETGs have a gambler sitting before the screen and placing wagers on any of the live games displayed in the pit, like baccarat, roulette, blackjack and craps.

However, the dealers are still in charge of the games and may be tipped in directly in-game, but according to Interblock “the chipless technology ensures accurate payout and efficiency.”

There is also another manufacturer TCS John Huxley who proudly presents table games with on-table animations, lights that guide gamblers to the point and may promote the casino. The latest line of products comes in few games, involving roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

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However, as an alternative to tabletop projections, said animations are displayed on a back lit screen connected to a control used by the dealer or the roulette wheel. Additionally, the table integrates multiple screens that may display the location where the roulette wheel is spinning and other animations that can catch gamblers looking across the casino. In this regard, Alex Dungan, Vice President of Sales in America for the mentioned company, said according to the Las Vegas Review Journal: “The games are already on the market and are installed or rolling out now in some Las Vegas casinos. It skews towards younger players also because as they’re learning the game, it’s visually indicating how the game is played and it makes it easier for them to understand.”

And finally, one of the participants at the Global Gaming Expo is Aries Technology is further extending its arcade-style coin-games with the latest titles that work on the same mechanics. As gamblers place their wagers, the aforementioned game inserts special tokens into “coin-pushing hardware.” After that, gamblers use the joystick to shoot the aforementioned coins and try to push special tokens off the edge of the playing field to receive free rewards, play or other rewards.

Furthermore, the game’s 2 versions have already been launched in the regulated market outside of Nevada, and a 3rd version is projected in the coming weeks, according to Senior Vice President of Game Development, David Schultz. Relatedly, he commented: “Every year we talk about what we can do to bring something with mechanical skill to the players. It’s been tried but this is very different. There’s such a visceral connection between being able to fire the tokens, knocking your prizes off and collecting them.”

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